A-1 Gutter Guard

I have been cleaning and installing screen for over 20 years.  I have seen many covers and screens that do not work.  For this reason I have decided to market the A-1 Gutter Guard.  I have been using this Gutter Guard for a very  long time.  I have maintained the screening that I have installed.  This is how I know how well it works.

      A-1 Gutter Guard is easy to install, it is made of a thick gauge aluminum. It comes in 4' sections.  Commercial or residential.  It works better than any cover or screening I have ever seen.  It will last forever with proper maintenance.  They are "A-1" gutter guards.  My oldest screen job with this type of gutter guard is 16 years and still working great, (without any damage to existing gutter which is much older than my screening) A-1 Gutter Guard has very small holes, and grooves in it to make water go into the gutter instead of over the gutter. (unlike any solid cover or anything you cannot see through)  If you do not maintain it, debris (mainly summer leaves) will sit on top of screening and eventually dry up and get into gutter under screening.  There is absolutely nothing out there that you can use without being maintained.  Beware of people that say you will never have to clean your gutters again, this is by all means not true.  I have seen and cleaned under everything out there.  I have also seen many different types of gutter protection that will  ruin your gutters to the point where you will have no choice but to replace your gutters.

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